Custom apparel is what we do. Sure we offer custom screen printing, embroidery and brand finishing options, but what sets us apart is the custom experience we provide. We address unique needs with unique solutions. We leverage our resources to create service offerings that simplify your project and deliver on expectations.

Screen Printing

If its not broken… This classic method has been the primary process for garments printing for decades. We covert your artwork to a series of screen elements. Pressing ink through each unique screen we create your print layer by layer. The result is an incredibly vibrant print that is soft and lasting. This is our default method for large orders. The process provides great color and consistency for every print in your order.

Traverse City Screen Printing
Custom Apparel Printing

Digital Printing

Digital or Direct-To-Garment printing is a modern solution for creating prints with minimal set-up time. These printers color-match the artwork using CMYK directly from the digital art file. Using a special bonding ink the printers print directly on the garment. This is a great option for small runs and jobs that require a quick turnaround. The versatility of these printers also make them ideal for designs that use gradients or contain a lot of color elements that would not translate well to traditional screen printing.

Custom Embroidery

The handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with needle and thread or yarn. It is most often used on caps, hats, coats, blankets, dress shirts, denim, stockings, and golf shirts. It gives the garment a higher-end look and is typically used for professional work uniforms.

Our embroidery is stitched with a computerized embroidery machine using patterns “digitized” with embroidery software. We charge a onetime fee to have a logo digitized, but once it is on file it can be used over and over again for future jobs.

Custom Embroidery

Thermal Vinyl Applications

We do all of our team names and numbers with this type of application as it allows for multiple different changes and not having to burn a screen for each individual number. It is cut vinyl that can be custom cut-out and then heat transferred onto a garment. Very popular with sports teams that have individual numbers and last names that need to be put onto the backs of jerseys.

Many different color options available, very cost effective, works best with block type fonts.

Custom Design Services

We have an in-house team of graphic designers that is available to support every job. Our artists can work with you ideas to create something new, or adjust yours to make it print-ready. Our artists love to flex their creative muscles. They work with anything from polished digital designs to napkin sketches. No matter the job, each project piece is touched by a Britten Threads graphic artist to ensure the highest quality print possible.

Custom T-Shirt Design

Custom Branding & Tagging

We offer custom heat sealed tags that list size, brand, description, etc. on the inside collar of shirts, along with custom-made woven tags that can feature anything that the client chooses. The woven tags can be sewn to the inside of the garment or to other unique places such as the sleeve or bottom of the wearable to add an extra level of fashion.

Shipping & Warehousing

Threads has a huge warehouse space available to stock/warehouse your apparel items for quick and easy order fulfillment.

We have a dedicated shipping team that is here to custom pack and ship your order however you may need it. We get extremely competitive shipping rates which is a savings that is then passed down to our customers. We can also act as a blind partner for you when it comes to shipping as well.

Custom Apparel

Custom Fundraising Packs

A custom order form is created for the school that shows the chosen brands/styles of the wearables with the school or programs logo mocked up on it. Order forms are then dispersed out to the group where they can see the price of each item and put their needed size down. We also offer free online stores that can be set up specifically for you! This offers easy, hands off ordering, payment and delivery options for individuals in your organization or school.

Benefits of these packages are that we give the school/organization a discounted price that then allows them to add a mark-up to the goods bringing in a profit for that given organization making it a source of revenue.